MetConnect Dialup Access with Windows


  1. Go to start -> Settings -> Network and dialup connections -> Make New Connections.  As show below.



  1. Then press continue on the next pop up window.



  1. On the next screen, select “Dial up to private Network” radio button and hit next as show below



  1. Next you will be asked to select your modem.  Select it and hit next


  1. On the next screen check “Using Dialing rules” and enter “212” for the area code and “359-2000” for the phone number, below is what it should look like.  Hit Next.


  1. The next screen will ask you if you want anyone else on this computer to be able to dial to MetConnect.  If you do want anyone to dial to MetConnect press the “For all users” radio button


  1.  Here you under the name of your connection, call it “Metconnect” if you would like a shortcut on your desktop check off “Add a shortcut to my desktop”


  1. Now to start Metconnect Dial up access Go to start -> Settings -> Networking and dial up connections -> Metconnect ( or what ever you called your connection from step 7)



  1. Here enter the username and password provided to you and hit connect


10.  You now should be surfing away with MetConnect.